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New start-up or self-employed

Taking care of all your small business finances

Whether you are a self-employed sole trader, partnership, landlord, a new start-up, or have already set up a new business, we can help you. Our friendly team will work with you to provide what you need at a price you can afford. Our services are flexible and can be tailored to your business needs.

Recommended small business services

At Mojo, we’re all about helping and supporting your business. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of what we think would be the most appropriate financial services for a small business. That’s not to say you’ll need all of them, but it’s a great starting point to focus on what you need. Remember, we can scale our services to suit your needs and budget.


Often trickier and more complicated than you may first think, payroll is a vital function in any business. Our payroll services include everything needed to keep your employees and HMRC happy.

  • Employee pay and payslips
  • PAYE and NI payments to HMRC
  • Compliance documentation (P45, P60 & P11D)
  • Sickness pay
  • Pension and auto-enrolment


Let’s be honest, unless you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, you probably have far better things to be spending time on within your business! Let us free up some of your precious time by doing the bookkeeping for you.

  • Accurate records in case of HMRC inspection
  • VAT rules and regulations
  • Outstanding invoices

Sometimes we all need a bit of help in business.

When you join Mojo Accounting, you will have the opportunity to become part of our business community. The Mojo Business Club is a network of contacts where you can access friendly advice on all sorts of subjects. The Mojo Business Club network can help you with anything from IT support, marketing, public relations, website design, social media and print to things like HR, financial advice, commercial insurance and pensions, plus more besides!

The Mojo Business Club is free to join and allows you to network and seek advice from other business owners.

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Let us take the stress out of your business finances

Tell us about your business and what it is you’re looking for. And, if you don’t know what you’re looking for and just know that you’re too busy with the day job or setting your business up, that doesn’t matter. We’re here to help.